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HyperGift® launched in 2015

Not a crappy add-on

HyperGift®️ is not just a lame add-on to an existing piece of software.
HyperGift®️ has been built specifically to offer a beautiful and stunning gifting
experience, wowing customers.

Best in class

HyperGift® is dedicated to delivering a best-in-class experience. Our regular version releases seamlessly integrates all the latest enhancements into your gift certificate website at no additional cost.

Direct payments
to fuel success

Witness the power of money paid directly to your bank account, enabling swift and hassle-free access to your voucher revenue.

Retain unredeemed
Voucher Revenue

Discover the untapped potential as only 55% of vouchers are redeemed after 1 year, 68% after 3 years, and a mere 78% after 5 years. Retain the unclaimed value and keep every dollar, effortlessly boosting your bottom line.


of our clients would recommend HyperGift® to another company

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Reduce fraud and

HyperGift® supports 3D secure, so your business can reap the benefits.

Reduction in cart abandonment rates, resulting in increased revenue.

Minimised instances of chargebacks and consequential losses arising from fraudulent activities.

Reduced liability as the acquiring bank assumes responsibility for fraudulent transactions verified through 3D Secure, alleviating the burden on your business.

We make switching easy

We empathise with the significance of taking that big step to transition to a better system, and rest assured, we’ll make it a smooth and highly rewarding experience for you.
What we will do for you is:

Customise your beautiful new HyperGift® store.

Upload your product catalogue.

Import your historic data.

Setup the users and permissions.

Train your team.

The personal touch

Experience our exceptional support team, always ready to assist you with expert advice or answer your simple questions. Reach out at any time – we’d love to hear from you!

Unlock the power of gifting


Gift voucher recipients, on average, spend a remarkable 40% beyond the voucher’s face value.


Gift certificates attract fresh faces. Referred customers exhibit lifetime spending potential up to twice that of regular customers.


Create and manage promotion codes for targeted marketing campaigns. Offer exclusive discounts to loyal customers and generate buzz with promotional events.


Embrace upfront payment for future goods and services, seamlessly enhancing your revenue stream.


Online transactions offer enhanced security, safeguarding against vulnerabilities associated with phone or email-based credit card details.


Elevate brand recognition and foster exceptional guest satisfaction through the power of gifting.


Capitalise on the 24/7 online storefront, surpassing limitations posed by phone or email channels, and enjoy heightened uptake and conversion rates.


Embrace the efficiency of online operations, eliminating the need for internal staff involvement, postage, and handling.


How does HyperGift® work with my current website or microsite?
Seamlessly integrate HyperGift® into your existing website or microsite by adding a dedicated “Gift Vouchers” menu item that links to your new gift voucher website. Enhance visibility and drive conversions by strategically placing banners and links on relevant pages, to entice customers and boost sales.
Can I update HyperGift® myself?
Absolutely! With HyperGift®, you have full control. Easily add new vouchers, edit existing ones, remove vouchers, change categories, and more—all at your fingertips, without the need to contact us.
How are e-vouchers sent?
Sending e-vouchers is seamless and effortless. They are automatically delivered via email, either instantly or on a specified date chosen by the customer. You have full control over the sending name and email address, ensuring a personalised touch. The e-voucher is conveniently attached as a PDF and can also be downloaded. Your customers have the option to email it directly to the recipient from the website or send it to themselves, making the gifting process effortless and convenient.
What do the e-vouchers look like?
Our sleek and versatile master A4 template serves as the foundation, showcasing all the necessary details. You have complete control to customise it according to your brand, ensuring a stunning and personalised look for your e-vouchers. Let your brand shine through with our customisable design options.
Can we customise the design further?
Absolutely! We offer customisation options to tailor the design according to your preferences. Additional costs may apply based on the level of customisation you desire. Our team will work closely with you to ensure the design perfectly reflects your brand and creates a unique gifting experience.
Where does the money go?
Straight into your bank account. We ensure a seamless payment process, channeling all sales revenue directly to your designated bank account. Enjoy the convenience and efficiency of receiving funds without any intermediaries.
What is the timeframe between the transaction being made online and payment being made to the account?
The timeframe is determined by the speed at which banks process the transaction. Rest assured, it follows the same timeframe as when a customer pays with a credit card. Experience seamless and timely payment processing for a hassle-free transaction experience.
What are the merchant fees?
HyperGift® offers you the flexibility to integrate with a range of payment processors, including popular options like Stripe. You can choose the merchant that best suits your needs, and the associated merchant fees will vary depending on your selected provider. If you’re interested in using Stripe as your payment gateway, you can find detailed pricing information at https://stripe.com/pricing. We are here to assist you in exploring different payment processor options and selecting the one that aligns with your business goals.
Is the payment made for the full voucher price, less the merchant fee?
Yes, in most cases, the payment made by the customer is for the full voucher price, with the merchant fee deducted by the payment gateway. The specific settings and configurations of your chosen payment gateway will determine how the fees are handled during the transaction process. Our team can provide guidance and support in setting up your payment gateway to ensure a seamless and transparent payment experience for your customers.
How is the payment processed, individually for each transaction or pooled together on a monthly basis?

You have the flexibility to choose how you want payments to be processed in the settings of your payment gateway. There are two options available:


  1. Individual Payments: With this option, each transaction is processed as a separate payment.
  2. Bulk Payment: This option allows you to pool together multiple transactions into a single payment.


The choice between individual payments and bulk payment can be configured based on your preference and the requirements of your business. Our team can assist you in setting up the payment gateway according to your desired payment processing method.

How does the finance department reconcile these transactions?
Reconciling transactions within the finance department is a straightforward process with HyperGift®. Here’s how it works:

The finance department should log in to the HyperGift® platform on a daily basis, similar to managing a bank account. Through the platform, real-time reports can be generated to provide comprehensive transaction details. These reports offer flexibility and can be customised to include various data points according to your specific requirements. This data empowers the finance team to efficiently reconcile transactions and track financial performance.

While HyperGift® can automate the process by sending daily and monthly summary emails containing this information, it’s important to note that email communication may not be reliable or secure. Therefore, it is recommended that the finance department directly logs into the HyperGift® platform to access the required information securely.

By leveraging the real-time reports and actively monitoring transactions within HyperGift®, the finance department can effectively reconcile transactions, ensure accuracy in financial records, and gain valuable insights into your gift certificate operations.

How are gift vouchers redeemed?
Gift vouchers can be easily redeemed using HyperGift®. Staff members can access the backend website portal to process redemptions, including QR code redemption. It’s a hassle-free process that requires only an internet connection, without the need for additional software installation. Simplify your voucher redemption experience with HyperGift®.
Is there any reporting?
Absolutely! The HyperGift® backend system offers comprehensive reporting features. You can easily select and specify date ranges to view vital information such as total orders, net sales, average order value, average items per order, redemption rate and more. Dive deeper into your data by exploring reports based on products, revenue, orders, variations, category, discounts, promotions, and more. Gain valuable insights to drive your business forward with HyperGift’s robust reporting capabilities.
How does HyperGift® adapt to changes in minimum validity periods imposed by countries?
HyperGift® ensures seamless compliance with any regulatory changes. Behind the scenes, a simple “flick of a switch” enables us to swiftly and effortlessly update the system. Rest assured, adapting to such changes is a breeze for our platform.
Can HyperGift® accommodate bespoke or individual vouchers for loyalty and VIP rewards?

Absolutely! HyperGift® offers the flexibility to create customised corporate gifting pages as well as secret, private gifting pages. Take inspiration from the OmniHyper Hotel corporate page and secret gifting page, and explore The Ultimate Guide for Corporate Gift Vouchers for further guidance. Let your loyalty and VIP rewards program shine with tailored voucher options.

On which devices can the QR code be used?
The QR code can be used on any device equipped with a camera, such as iPads, iPhones, Android devices, and more. Its ease of use, speed, and seamless functionality make it a time-saving solution, particularly during busy Friday and Saturday nights.
Can we impose specific conditions on the vouchers, such as limiting the day and time of use?
Absolutely! You have the freedom to include as many conditions as you desire. Our customisation options enable the incorporation of various terms and conditions within the voucher template. During the setup stage, we ensure these conditions are accounted for, future-proofing your voucher system for any potential modifications. Regarding limiting the day and time of use, yes, it is possible. However, it is essential to consider and adhere to local laws and regulations.