Quick, efficient, seamless onboarding

Days 1 – 6

Congratulations, you’ve taken the first step toward selling gift vouchers in a whole new way!

We will now guide you in your journey to transform your gift voucher process from a burden on your business into an engine that will fuel your success!

During days 1 – 6, your HyperGift® solution is in development. On day 7, we will be ready to present you with your customised HyperGift® solution.

You will need to supply your logo and brand guidelines, including font and colours.

Day 7

Onboarding and presentation of your
customised HyperGift® solution!

Days 8-14

It is now time for you to customise HyperGift® for your property. It’s very easy.

STEP 1: Customise your images and navigation.

STEP 2: Review and edit your existing, preloaded vouchers.

STEP 3: Add any new vouchers you would like to sell.

STEP 4: Approve the gift voucher templates that are sent to giftees.

Finally, we have some technical tasks that are required to be completed by you, before our final Q&A meeting, in order to go live with your HyperGift® solution.

STEP 1: Setup your sub domain.

STEP 2: Confirm the email address(s) you would like order confirmations to go to.

STEP 3: Confirm the payment gateway.

Day 14

Congratulations, your HyperGift® solution is now complete!

You have transformed your gift voucher process, from being a burden on your business into an engine that will fuel your success!

Once this meeting is complete, you can be 100% confident in marketing your HyperGift® solution to the public and making sales.